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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Verification For Awards

The Process For Claiming ARRL Awards

QSL Card Verification For Awards

For those who are seeking ARRL awards, such as DXCC, there is a requirement to have QSL cards verified. The verification can be done by ARRL HQ or a local card-checker. I have recently been appointed as a DXCC Card Checker and I am now set-up to handle card verification.

Several years ago ARRL introduced an on-line application to simplify the process. Using the Online DXCC Application, the user can select the cards that he or she would like to have checked by a card checker and, at his or her convenience, type that data into a form (which can be saved and retrieved at any time until submitted) and make an application for DXCC. When the application is finished, the participant will be able to print the list of cards and take or mail the list and the cards (in the same order that they are entered into the form) to a card checker who will check the cards, note any changes and send the form to ARRL HQ. (NOTE: Amateur radio operators outside of the US do not need to be an ARRL member to participate in the DXCC programme.)

In addition, the card checker can review the necessary documentation for joining the Logbook of the World (LoTW) programme.  This involves an in-person review of your operating certificate and another government piece of identification.
If you would like your cards checked for the DXCC program please contact me by email prior to sending your cards and application.

You can contact me at

Many thanks.

73, Rick


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