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How Does the BC Incoming QSL Bureau Work?

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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What is the BC Incoming QSL Bureau?

The British Columbia Incoming QSL Bureau handles QSL cards being delivered to Amateurs in this province. That would generally be Amateur Stations with a Canadian call-sign starting with VA7 or VE7. 

This bureau does NOT process cards that are outgoing. Amateurs wishing to send cards should consult the Radio Amateurs of Canada  QSL Bureau website.

How do I use this service?

QSL cards sent to the Bureau manager will be sorted for delivery. When a card is received, the recipient's call-sign will be posted on the BC QSL Cards Awaiting Pickup page. If your call is there, you should contact the Bureau Manager using the information provided at the bottom of this page to arrange a delivery method. This may include direct pick-up, delivery, or mailing. 


At this time there are many cards, dating back years, that have not been picked up. We will attempt to deliver these and to notify the recipient via this site. Future plans are to  list cards in a database you can access on our website. Your assistance is requested to make this site address known to other stations so that we can contact as many Amateurs as possible to make them aware of this service.  If you see a call-sign listed with cards waiting, and happen to have contact that person, please make them aware so that we can expedite delivery.

A link to this URL on your club or organization website would also assist in getting the word out.

Do you have an interesting QSL card to share?

We would like to feature QSL cards received by local Amateurs that are unique, rare or particularly attractive. If you have such a card and would like to share it with others visiting this site, please forward an image to the webmaster, ve7ti at via email. Selected cards will be featured in a gallery on the QSL Card Gallery page.

Ideas or Suggestions?

We welcome your ideas and suggestions to make this site as useful as possible. Please contact us at the addresses listed below.

Contact Information 

BC QSL Bureau Manager

Ken Clarke, VE7BC
Telephone: (604) 816-5775

Bureau Mailing Address

VE7-VA7 Incoming QSL Bureau
Ken Clarke VE7BC
P.O. Box 1109
100 Mile House, BC
V0K 2E0


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